Drone Services for Venues, Concerts and Festivals

Dorset Drone Services is a premier provider of aerial filming services, with a vast amount of experience in delivering high-quality services for all kinds of outdoor activities. We are also experienced providers for commercial and private venues, as well as music festivals and historically themed events.

Our clients range from Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch in Dorset through to Somerset, Hampshire and Surrey. You can view examples of successful drone surveillance on our youtube channel below.

Venues, Concerts and FestivalsDrone Services we offer for Venues, Concerts and Festivals

The use of drones at events is becoming more common every day, as they are being used in a wide variety of creative ways, from indoor conferences to outdoor festivals, drones are providing entertainment, advertising, security and much more. We have put together a few innovative ways that drones can be used to give you some inspiration for when you can plan events, concerts, and festivals.

• Drones are great for videos of your events, venues, concerts and festivals

Drones are a great way to get a bird’s-eye view of your concert or festival, and the sweeping images they capture can be very immersive. They’re also perfect for marketing future events.
You can use drones to map out the location of your event as well, which will save you time and money depending on the type of event you’re planning and the locations you’re considering.
Many drones use LIDAR sensors to create site surveys and both 2D and 3D maps. These geological maps can help make sure your event goes off without any hiccups so that it’s safe for everyone who attends.

• Drones offer the ability to Livestream your concerts, venues and festivals

Drones are an exciting new way to capture your concerts, events or festivals, using live streaming. They can move around, making viewers feel like they’re actually part of the event. You could live-stream artists when they’re performing, have a backstage tour, and more.

Live streaming doesn’t have to be limited to during your event either. You can hold live streams using drones to reveal exciting announcements or progress as the event is being set up. Don’t be afraid to get creative because every live stream provides an opportunity for people to get excited about your event, tell other people about it, and buy more tickets!

• Drones can perform Visual Shows

Drones are great for entertainment, particularly visual shows. Many events have used drones for aerial shows, including night-time shows with lights timed to music. They always draw a crowd and create a shareable moment. Attendees will take videos of the drones performing with their smartphones and share them on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Drones can also be used in other ways to make an event more memorable for attendees. For example, you can use a drone to deliver prizes or giveaways to people in attendance at your event. You could send out gift bags containing coupons or other promotional materials from your company and use the drone to deliver them at random intervals during the event, concert, venue or festival.

You can find information about other types of aerial drone surveys at the bottom of the page.

What are the benefits of using Drones for Venues, Concerts and Festivals?

The usage of drones is increasing and becoming increasingly popular in numerous different sectors. This is in particular with venues, concerts and festivals with organisers utilising drones for their many benefits. With this in mind, here are 3 of the primary benefits of using drones for concerts, venues, festivals and events:

• Drone Surveillance can help Market your Event and Future Events

Drones are an excellent way to get real-time engagement on social media during your event. They can also help you sell tickets by taking photos of the venue before your event, which you can use for marketing materials. You can share these images on your blog, in your newsletter, on your ticket sales page, and on your social media profiles to generate excitement and ticket sales. It is an effective form of social media marketing for your event.

In addition, you can use these photos in your marketing materials for future events if you hold an event more than once. For example, annual festivals could use drones to take photos of the large crowds to show next year’s prospective ticket buyers all the fun they will miss if they don’t attend. These photos are also perfect to use in your marketing materials, event website, and ticket sales page next year or whenever you hold the event again.

• Drones are ideal for Health and Safety for Concerts, Venues and Festivals

We live stream our 4K video down to your Event Control Room with no delay, allowing your team to make real time decisions. With our ability to fly in the wind, and rain coupled with large zoom & thermal cameras, our ability is unrivalled.
Fireworks show aerial view
lightshow at a concert
We deploy our Crowd Management aerial services to many different events. These range from music festivals to concerts, marathons, celebrations, sporting events, local authority events, fireworks festivals and many more.

Our team has been operating for many years and has experience in all aspects of Crowd Management including crowd management at airports and train stations as well as monitoring large-scale events such as music festivals and sporting events.

• Using Drones at Events can Offer Cost-effectiveness and Peace of Mind

At large events, having a few drones flying over people’s heads can sometimes be more cost effective than hiring multiple security guards. Depending on the size of the gathering, a security guard fleet for one event can set you back a few thousand pounds, whereas renting drone equipment can be more economical, depending on the nature of the event, of course.
COVID has had a major impact on the live events industry. While it’s true that COVID is no longer stopping events going ahead, it’s still important to remember that we still have to take precautions when attending live events.

Having an added layer of security like drone surveillance to any event adds extra peace of mind to eventgoers and organisers. This can be an extra boost in confidence for attendees first returning to live events post-COVID, offering a reason to attend and enjoy the event with peace of mind.
Now that you are well informed about what drones can offer venues, concerts and festivals and the benefits of utilising drones.

Additional Information on our Drone Services

Aerial Surveys
Our drone’s HD video capability and mobility ensure that we get the best end product for our aerial drone surveys, and our experienced drone pilots ensure that the drone is positioned perfectly to provide the perfect end product.
Commercial Drone Surveys and Inspections
Beneficial in situations such as building sites, we carry out drone inspections and commercial drone surveys to assess if an area is safe or collect visual data about the condition of an asset, without putting anyone at risk.
Drone Insurance Surveys
Hard to access locations can be accessed easily and due to our drone insurance surveys our drones can assess the risk and collect data used to decide insurance claims quicker and safer.
Venues, Concerts and Festivals
We have vast experience monitoring venues, parties and festivals for security purposes. Our drones can monitor everyone from a Birdseye view and make sure everyone stays safe and report any incidents that might lead to harm.
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