Drone Surveys for Insurance

Drone Surveys offer increased data capability, and the ability to quickly find and assess important information that is essential to insurers’ efforts to reduce operational costs through improved efficiency and effectiveness related to the claims process.

Drones can capture every detail of your roof, whether you are interested in moss growth and deteriorated flashings, or assessing the full extent of roof damage after a storm. For insurance disputes or lengthy claims, obtaining a drone roof inspection can lead to quicker settlement. Photographic and video evidence of any damage will be supplied, and, if previous aerial surveys have been undertaken on the premises, it stands as additional evidence of the historical state of the building.

With drone technology, it is now easy to prove storm damage and quickly file a claim. Previously, proof of storm damage would require access to the roof using a scaffolding platform or rope access, adding considerable expense and delay to a claim.

Drones are the ultimate tool for capturing aerial images. In addition to photographs and video, they can also capture thermal imaging and be used for flood and security risk management.

Insurance companies are also using drones to digitise properties and other assets to enable remote surveying and inspection of properties both internally and externally to help manage risk and ensure the right level of cover is provided.

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AERIAL SURVEYSWhy is Using a Drone for Surveying Beneficial?

Drones are a cost-effective and highly versatile data acquisition tool that utilises high-resolution cameras and image processing algorithms to create three-dimensional maps of complex terrain and deliver real-time data to a cloud service. This reduces or completely eliminates the need for manual surveys, thus increasing accuracy and efficiency.

There is a multitude of reasons why drones are growing in popularity for insurance surveys. Some of the benefits that our drones can offer are:

• Speed: Drones allow insurance inspectors to cover a lot more ground. As a result, this can save time and money during the inspection process.
• Accuracy: Drones offer insurance inspectors a closer look at damage claims. This can then allow them to make more accurate assessments
• Efficiency: Drones are capable of inspecting an area much faster than a person on the ground this saves your company or business time and labour costs
• Data: We offer drones that are able to capture more data than other methods of inspection. This data can then help insurance inspections make better decisions about claims
• Savings: Drones decrease the number of field adjusters needed on site. Insurance companies can save on the cost of having a field adjuster go to the scene of the accident.

What Data can be Achieved with Drone Surveys?

The list of data types that can be achieved with drone Surveying is as follows:

• 2D Orthomosaic Map- Dorset drone Surveys surveying software can stitch together hundreds, or thousands of digital photos captured by your drone and produce high-quality 2D Orthomosaic Maps.
• 3D Orthomosaic Map- Large numbers of digital photos of your surveying site can be then compiled into a 3D orthomosaic map, these can then provide actionable topographic data.
• 3D Models- We can generate 3D models of targets in your surveying site for a quick comparison with BIM.
• Thermal Map- Our drone cameras allow us to survey with a thermal camera and quickly identify targets with abnormal heat signatures.
• LIDAR Point Cloud- We can equip our drones with a LiDAR camera to produce a high-density point cloud
• Multispectral Map- We are able to capture multispectral data from beyond the visible light spectrum to give increased insight into your drone survey
high altitude rooftops
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Drone Surveys for Simple or Complex jobs

We offer a number of services from simple, single-point aerial survey photos, to fully 3D panorama videos for litigation analysis and any other complex works. We work with experts in damage analysis, geodetic surveying and home inspection businesses that provide support on the ground. Our drones are equipped with a range of sensors and cameras depending on your requirements to help provide you with the information needed to resolve your disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

Our drone technology was initially employed on domestic and commercial property claims, both routine and major. Its use has since been extended to other classes of insurance – such as agriculture and real estate – and we are now exploring how drone inspection might benefit even more areas of the sector. In particular, our team is exploring how drones could be used to provide additional predictive analytics such as environmental risk modelling and weather modelling.

Our Drone services are ideal for insurance companies that want to improve their customer service and accuracy. Our drones allow for a more accurate assessment and a much faster turnaround time with accurate data collection.

If you are interested in an insurance drone survey or drone inspections for insurance purposes, please enquire or to find out more, please look below.

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Additional Information on our Drone Services

Aerial Surveys
Our drone’s HD video capability and mobility ensure that we get the best end product for our aerial drone surveys, and our experienced drone pilots ensure that the drone is positioned perfectly to provide the perfect end product.
Commercial Drone Surveys and Inspections
Beneficial in situations such as building sites, we carry out drone inspections and commercial drone surveys to assess if an area is safe or collect visual data about the condition of an asset, without putting anyone at risk.
Drone Insurance Surveys
Hard to access locations can be accessed easily and due to our drone insurance surveys our drones can assess the risk and collect data used to decide insurance claims quicker and safer.
Venues, Concerts and Festivals
We have vast experience monitoring venues, parties and festivals for security purposes. Our drones can monitor everyone from a Birdseye view and make sure everyone stays safe and report any incidents that might lead to harm.
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