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Commercial Drone Surveys and Inspections - Drone Services Dorset

Commercial Drone Surveys and Inspections

Commercial Drone Survey and Inspections can assist by taking aerial photos of the property, which then allows them to produce a detailed inspection or survey report that includes videos, pictures and 3D models. This detailed information allows you to spot any damages or potential hazards that need to be rectified, it also allows you to have an understanding of any aspects of your site or building that you previously wouldn’t have been able to see or analyse. In addition to this, commercial drone inspections and commercial drone surveys give you all the tools and foresight you need to make measured decisions regarding your site, property or building.

AGRICULTURAL SURVEYSWhat exactly is a Commercial Drone?

A commercial drone is an aerial vessel that captures videos and photos from the sky, offering a unique bird’s eye view POV (point of view.) This data can then be used to record videos and photos with these two mediums being able to be utilised to create 3D models of land or structures. All this data can then be compiled into a laconic report consisting of the photos, videos and 3D models gathered from our commercial drone survey or inspection. Drones are much quicker than humans at inspecting areas because they are much more mobile and don’t carry out surveys on foot, it allows our commercial drones to inspect hard to reach and inaccessible areas quickly and efficiently, collecting and curating all the information you need in order to gain conclusions about your site or building.
Most of our commercial drones use a live video stream recorded by an ultra-high definition 4K digital camera to ensure the best quality drone surveys and inspections. Our commercial drones can also fly at higher altitudes than other hobbyist drones, making it much easier for our highly qualified drone operators to inspect higher surfaces and avoid obstacles such as buildings and trees. Commercial drones are also able to provide greater accuracy than manually inspecting the same area, due to the fact that our commercial drones have cameras that can collect much more detail from difficult to reach areas.

You can see examples of this on our Youtube Channel

Using machinery such as our commercial drones requires a certain level of experience and technical ability, which is why it is important that our team of highly skilled operators have a multitude of experience in dealing with many different types of drone inspections and surveys. This is especially important because you cannot use a commercial drone without an experienced operator to make sure you are operating legally and safely.

Why you Should Consider Commercial Drone Inspections and Surveys?

We work together with your company personnel or specialist engineers to establish the safest methods of surveying and capturing the image and video data required to compile a full inspection/survey report. These precautions enable our highly specialised drone operators to obtain the right imagery, to enable you to make informed decisions about your commercial operations. Additional to this the fact that we offer a live stream of any footage captured so you have to ability to see where the drone is and what it is capturing in real-time, this is beneficial because it enables you to direct our operators and cover the areas that you specifically wanted to target. Alongside this flexibility, our drone operators are vastly experienced at working to briefs and gathering important data, so you can always be assured of a quality end product.
Manual commercial inspections take a lot of time and manpower, with some places being inaccessible to enter from foot, making the whole ordeal cumbersome and seemingly purportless. Our commercial aerial drones have the huge benefit of being much more mobile and able to traverse terrains that a person wouldn’t be able to reach. This then allows our highly skilled commercial drone operators to fly our commercial drones around complex structures in a fraction of the time it would take to gather the same information using traditional methods, such as erecting scaffolding or using Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.
aerial inspection
drone birds eye view
Our commercial inspections not only save you vast amounts of time and effort, but by replacing the manual forms of inspection such as scaffolding, our commercial drone surveys also allow you to save huge amounts of money because you have fewer costs and you actually get a much better end product, making manual inspections virtually redundant. Adding to this narrative is the fact that in most instances, buildings, chimneys, plants and other workplaces can remain fully operational while we carry out the aerial drone inspection, meaning there is no downtime for your company or business.
All of the benefits listed above amalgamate into the reason you should prioritise a commercial drone survey or inspection over a manual inspection, with drone surveys being cheaper, easier, faster and better quality.

Along with Aerial agricultural surveys, we also offer a selection of other drone services. These services include:

• Aerial Surveys
• Drone Insurance Surveys
• Commercial Drone Surveys and Inspections
• Aerial Surveillance and Monitoring
• Venues, Concerts and Festivals
• Commercials and Promotional Video Services

All of the above services have more information about them that can be found by clicking the links to them above.

If you would like to find out more or have any queries, please click below to contact us.

Additional Information on our Drone Services

Aerial Surveys
Our drone’s HD video capability and mobility ensure that we get the best end product for our aerial drone surveys, and our experienced drone pilots ensure that the drone is positioned perfectly to provide the perfect end product.
Commercial Drone Surveys and Inspections
Beneficial in situations such as building sites, we carry out drone inspections and commercial drone surveys to assess if an area is safe or collect visual data about the condition of an asset, without putting anyone at risk.
Drone Insurance Surveys
Hard to access locations can be accessed easily and due to our drone insurance surveys our drones can assess the risk and collect data used to decide insurance claims quicker and safer.
Venues, Concerts and Festivals
We have vast experience monitoring venues, parties and festivals for security purposes. Our drones can monitor everyone from a Birdseye view and make sure everyone stays safe and report any incidents that might lead to harm.
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Areas we cover:

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