Drone video services - Droneservicesdorset.co.uk
Drone video services - Droneservicesdorset.co.uk
Drone Services Dorset – Stratospheric Filming Provide Professional Aerial Surveys, Mapping / 3D, Search & Recovery, Thermal Imagining and Surveillance, Aerial Drone Video and Photography Services as well as Image Production.

We are fully CAA certified and have flexible Liability Insurance to cover all requirements

Security Industry Authority Licensed – SIA CCTV

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Drone Services Dorset
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Stratospheric FilmingAerial Photography Services

Drone Services Dorset is a trading name of Stratospheric Filming a Bournemouth based Aerial Drone Services provider. We specialise in the supply of professional aerial photography and video services, covering Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey & beyond.

Let Stratospheric Filming carry out your professional flight plans and risk assessments, ensuring your event is not only captured in stunning HD aerial imagery, but also uniquely tailored to your precise requirements. All our services are carried out by qualified professionals and in line with the UK safety regulations governing the use of Drones. All Stratospheric Filming pilots are both CAA certified and covered by our specialist Comprehensive Drone Insurance Policy for your piece of mind.

Stratospheric FilmingBecause Experience Matters

Drone Services Dorset specialise in aerial surveys for commercial or private events. Please contact us to discuss your requirements
Stratospheric Filming have a wide range of clients from local authority, small to medium sized businesses and private individuals. throughout the South West of England and Wales, Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey and beyond
Stratospheric Filming have been contracted for a wide range of ultra-high definition aerial video and photography services including golf courses, farming areas, land for sale UAV/ Drone surveys and Aerial Inspections.
Stratospheric Filming can provide a wide range of services as part of one and the same survey including audio capture, aerial photograpy as well as Full HD or 4K video services as well as full HD panoramic imagery
Here at Stratospheric Filming we are a small but dedicated team of professional and highly experienced drone specialists who have a combined experience of over 64 years.


Here at Stratospheric Filming, all our aerial platforms have multiple redundancies for added safety and peace of mind.
Our drones range from 4 to 8 rotors for additional stability. All platforms have high resolution capability for outstanding imagery.
We have in house production to ensure your videos are tailored to suit your needs
With flight times nearing 30 minutes this gives us better range and increased capability
Drone Services Dorset have a wide range of skills that can be called upon to ensure your project is a success wherever your project take us.
Picture of Corfe Castle in Dorset.

Drone Services DorsetDrone Insurance Surveys

Typically, insurance inspectors require loss adjusters in order to start and have to work in conditions that are complex and often dangerous. To mitigate this issue our drone surveys are ideal, hard to access locations can be accessed easily and due to our drone insurance survey operating real time image relaying our drones can assess the risk and collect data used to decide insurance claims quicker and safer.

Drone Services Dorset Aerial Agricultural Surveys

Agricultural producers are embracing revolutionary strategies for producing food and one of these strategies is employing the use of a drone to complete an agricultural survey of your land. We have the drone technology needed to perform these agricultural drone surveys and can gather information like which parts of a field are dry or need improvement and monitor your crop health to calculate a vegetation index.
farming field
aerial survey at sea

Drone Services DorsetCommercial Drone Surveys and Inspections

Our specialist drones are beneficial in situations such as building sites, we carry out drone inspections and commercial drone surveys to assess if an area is safe or collect visual data about the condition of an asset, without putting anyone at risk of harm. Furthermore, our commercial drone surveys and inspections are also invaluable to a wide range of groups for providing high quality aerial shots of real estate to help market a property or carry out roof surveys to identify any problems without the danger.

Drone Services Dorset Aerial Surveys

An aerial survey is a medium that can be used to collect geomatics or other imagery by using an aerial drones or other aerial vessels. Drones are our preferred way to carry out aerial surveys because we can achieve the same accuracy and clear image with the added benefits of being cost effective and much safer. Our drone’s mobility and HD video capability ensure that we get the best end product for our aerial drone surveys.
Drone Services Dorset Client security, Covert operations, services.

Drone Services DorsetAerial Surveillance and Monitoring

No matter if you are monitoring a large outdoor event, a protest, or an individual, Microdrones otherwise know as unmanned aerial vehicles can provide you with the professional and suttle overview that you need in order to maintain control. Our UAV monitoring solution provides a number of benefits to users focused on public safety and civil security UK wide..

Drone Services Dorset Venues, Concerts and Festivals

Stratospheric Filming have a vast amount of experience delivering high quality aerial and video services, we have specific expertise and experience in delivering quality aerial data for outdoor activities of all kinds, commercial and private venues use as well as music and historic themed festivals covering Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Surrey and beyond.
Drone photo of a festival
Drone video services - Drone services dorset

Drone Services DorsetCommercials and Promotional Video Services

Stratospheric Filming can provide a unique bird’s eye view, making us the ideal partner for all your aerial video service needs.
Our full HD video capture capability, combined with our in-house video and post processing skills makes us the ideal partner for commercials and video services. Drone services Dorset cover Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex and beyond.



Drone Services DorsetContact Details &
Office Location

Drone Services Dorset is a trading name of Stratospheric Filming, you can contact us using the details below.
Office: Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm (out of hours by appointment only)
For all our services: By Appointment (flexible hours)
12 Leedam Rd,
BH10 6HP
Office: 0333 577 8910
Pilot: 07734387319
Drone video services - Droneservicesdorset.co.uk
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Areas we cover:

Drone Services Dorset Cover all areas of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Dorset, South Wales, Hampshire, Surrey and Beyond.